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SK user manual

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 12:23 pm    Post subject: SK user manual Reply with quote

The loot system is very simple:

  1. Use the "/sk" command to pop up the mod.
  2. Open the options dialog and check on "auto list mode".
  3. Using the buttons at the top, make sure you are in "Active" mode.
  4. Have everyone roll /random 1000 2 times.
  5. Use the "/sk noroll" command to spam to raid chat who still needs to roll.
  6. The rolls are automatically captured -- the first goes into a big list for the whole raid, and the second into a list for each player's class.
  7. When an item drops, the player at the top of the class list (for a single-class item) or the whole-raid list (for a multi-class item) can either take the item or pass it on down the list. When a player takes the item, click his/her name and hit "Suicide!", which sends them to the bottom of the list. Players that are on the list but not present for the evening are frozen in place on their list, and players that are present leap-frog them when someone suicides.
  8. To insert a new person, either go to "Active" and "Auto" mode and have them roll twice just like at the beginning, or target them and hit "Insert", which will put them at the bottom of the list. Different guilds may wish to use different policies for insertion.

Use "/sk help" for other commands. Probably the 2 most useful are:
"/sk spam 11 10"
Spams to raid chat the people on the current list starting at position #11 and continuing for 10 people.

"/sk sync someplayer"
Send all of your lists to the specified player

"/sk sync someplayer list1 list2 ..."
Send only the specified lists to the specified player

"/sk master"
You may only use this command if you are a raid leader or assistant. This makes you the list master. Only the master may open bidding, suicide people, etc. All other people in the raid will receive a window asking them if they want to sync to the master. Once they say yes, they will stay synced up in real time.

"/sk close"

Close an open bid to an item. When an item drops, you may open bidding by alt-left-clicking an item in a loot window or a loot link in the chat window. The high bidder will be auto-suicided.

"/sk suicide "
Same as using the suicide button, only no need to search through the list for the player

"/sk find "
Displays the player's position in all lists.

I'm going to update this as I have time. For now it's not complete.

UI buttons

Active/Inactive - When Active, the mod "listens" for /random 1000 rolls. What it does with them depends on Auto/Manual mode.
Options - Calls up the options window.

New - Create a new, blank roll list
Delete - Delete the current roll list (cannot be undone, but prompts you first)
Save - Saves the current roll list under a name you can type in

Remove - Removes the currently selected player from the list.
Insert - If you have a player targetted, he is inserted at the bottom of the current list in Manual mode or at the bottom of both the Raid and class lists in Auto mode.

Suicide! - moves the currently selected player to the bottom of the list, freezing all players not currently in the raid (or party) in place.
Spam - Spam the first 10 players from the currently selected list to raid chat. Players who are not present are omitted.
Undo - What the undo button always does.
Reserve - Place a player on "reserve". They will move up when someone suicides even if they are not present on the raid.

Up/down arrows - manually move a player up/down the list.

Options Window

Auto-list mode - In Auto mode, any roll received is first put into a list called "Raid" then the second roll for any player is put into a list named after the player's class. Subsequent rolls from that player are ignored. In Manual mode, any rolls are added to the currently selected list (our guild uses this for Scourgestones and such). If the player is on the list already, his/her roll is ignored.

Auto-list prefix - If specified, this text is prepended to the name of any list generated in Auto mode (above). For instance, if you set the auto-list prefix to "BWL", and a mage rolls, he will be added to the "BWL - Raid" and "BWL - Mage" lists. This allows you to have multiple sets of lists.

Use auto-list prefix - If checked the specified auto-list prefix is used. Otherwise, it is ignored.

Filter lists by prefix - If checked, only lists beginning with the configured auto-list prefix will be displayed in the drop-down menu.

Use Custom Channel - As of 2.11b, by default this is not checked. The mod uses the new 1.12 patch inter-mod channel to automatically sync up everyone in the same raid. If you want to sync between more than one raid at a time (e.g. parallel ZG runs), then check on this box and enter the name of a chat channel in the blank below. All users that do the same will sync up using this chat channel. The chat channel names must match exactly among people that wish to sync up.

Use raid warning - When using the bidding system (see below), the "raid warning" channel, which prints a message in the middle of the screen, is used to announce bidding is open, in addition to normal raid chat.

Bidding System
The mod includes a bidding system to ease distributing loot. The person with /sk master can Alt-left-click on an item in a mob's loot window (NOTE: this is bugged in 3.01, fix in 3.02+) or Alt-left-click a loot link in the chat window and it will open bidding in the item. Players may whisper "bid" to the loot master. The bidder that is highest on the list is announced on the raid channel, or else the bidder gets a reply that he is too low on the list to beat the high bidder. Then the loot master types "/sk close", and the high bidder is announced, and auto-suicided.

Whisper Commands
SK has a couple "whisper" commands that allow you to whisper stuff to the loot master to perform an action. To use them, simply whisper the word listed below to the loot master.

This will whisper back to you your position on each list. It's not as good as running the mod yourself, but it can give you a rough idea.

When bidding is open, whisper this to the loot master to indicate that you would like the item. The highest player that bids receives the item.

If you used the bid command, you can use this command to withdraw your bid.
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