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Back up your lists!!!

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 8:08 pm    Post subject: Back up your lists!!! Reply with quote

I figured this deserved its own sticky, and I also couldn't figure out how to put in in the FAQ.

A lot of people post here having problems with losing list data, and it is almost always due to what I like to call a "synch virus." Basically, someone has an incorrect list for whatever reason. Maybe they missed a raid. Maybe they came to a raid and forgot to join the synch channel. Maybe they accidentally messed with their lists while not grouped. Then, they send out the synch to some people, who send it out to others. Pretty soon, the "good" data is forever lost.

WoW doesn't give UI developers much control over how and when data is saved. So, the only real solution is to manually back up your lists. I recommend doing daily backups, and saving at least 2 weeks' worth of backlog. For those that do not know, you can find the lists in the following directory, relative to your WoW directory:
WTF/Account/<your account name>/SavedVariables/SuicideKings.lua

Just copy that file somewhere safe everyday, either right before logging in or right after logging out (variables are saved whenever you log out or are disconnected from the server).

For those interested in a more heavy-handed (but safer) solution, I wrote a Python script that will back up your variables every time you launch WoW. Basically you want to save the following script as "" in your main WoW directory, then create a shortcut to it in place of the shortcut you usually run WoW from. Then run WoW by using that shortcut. You also need the Python interpreter installed from (it's free).
#!/usr/bin/env python

import os
import os.path
import shutil
import time

# Edit this with the directory where you want all your
# backups to go
BACKUP_DIR = "c:\\SuicideKings_bak"

# Edit this with your account name
ACCOUNT_NAME = "Somedude"

dir_name = os.path.join(BACKUP_DIR, time.strftime("%b_%d_%y_%H_%M"))
myPath = os.path.split(__file__)[0]

    shutil.copyfile(os.path.join(myPath, "WTF\\Account\\%s\\SavedVariables\\SuicideKings.lua" % ACCOUNT_NAME),
                    os.path.join(dir_name, "SuicideKings.lua"))
except OSError, e:
    print "Warning:", e
os.system('"' + os.path.join(myPath, "Launcher.exe") + '"')

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