Welcome to the site for The Black Company and SRE Brotherhood online gaming groups.

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Planetside 2 Information

This is the web site for the SRE Brotherhood Planetside 2 Outfit, Vanu Sovereignty on the Genudine server. If you are a new member or are interested in joining, here is a little bit about us.

We are a casual outfit. This means that no one is expected to play on any sort of schedule, and we generally don't play every day. We usually run full squads on Tues and Thurs, and sometimes Sun around 8pm US central time. Some people are often on at other times, but not predictably and not always in a squad.

We emphasize squad-level tactics. We're not a zerg outfit. We like to spend some time to figure out what's most effective in the game and put that into practice. We do a lot of talking on the forums and planning for play sessions. In game we try to stick together and operate as a coherent unit. This might be accomplishing a critical objective as part of a larger zerg or on or own.

We have no official application process. If you are interested, just look for a public squad with [SREB] in the name, run with us a couple times, then if it seems like what you're looking for, we'll send you an invite. Again, these squads are usually running Tues and Thurs as well as sometimes Sun, in the evenings usually starting around 8pm.

In addition to using in-game voice, most of us are on a private Mumble server. The address is tbc.mumble.com port 9676. The server has a password which we will furnish you in-game or you can see on our forums once you are granted access.